Child Protection Team

The Child Protection Team helps to ensure that alleged instances of child abuse are evaluates with expertise. Child protection team members assess rick factors and provide recommendations for interventions to protect children suffering from abuse. CPT works collaboratively with all entities to be sure the child's well-being is the top priority.

CPT offers:
  • Forensic medical examinations and testing in all cases where diagnosis and/or assessment of injury or harm is needed
  • Forensic and specialized interview services
  • Psycho-social Assessments are requested
  • Expert court testimony
  • Psychological and psychiatric evaluations
  • Full MDT staffing requested any agency investigating an abuse or neglect case
  • Notification and coordination of services including exams and interviews
  • Appropriate documentation of findings and recommendations to reduce risk to children
  • Training for our MDT partners including: law enforcement, medical providers, mental health providers, school personnel and guardian ad litems