To Report Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect, Call the Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-96ABUSE or 1-800-962-2873.

Employment Opportunities

Kids House is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

Data Entry Specialist

POSITION OBJECTIVE: Under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, the Data Analyst will be responsible for gathering statistics and information, data entry, generating of reports, and all tasks related to the Case Tracking Program.

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

REQUIREMENTS: High School Diploma and one year of related work experience. Experience with multiple databases and spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Pro and Microsoft Excel. Highly motivated and capable of assuming responsibility for data. Excellent organization and communication skills. Ability to work with other professionals and non-professionals. Highly sensitive to the needs and welfare of children. Able to work independently when required. Available to work flexible hours to meet the needs of clients. This position will assist in the data entry and maintenance of multiple databases for our ongoing services to victims of child abuse.

Other Quality Ranking Factors:
° Ability to communicate effectively with children and adolescents, ranging in age from infants to 17 years of age.
° Practical experience or willingness to learn the developmental stages of children and the dynamics and effects of child abuse.
° Disposition toward multi-disciplinary team approach to the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases.
° Excellent written and Verbal Communication skills.
° Excellent Organizational skills and Data entry knowledge.
° Understanding of Non-Profit Organization Dynamics.
° Knowledge and Use of appropriate Professional Ethics and Standards.
° Excellent Telephone Communication Skills.
° Computer/Software experience in databases, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access. Understanding of Computer Technology.
° Keyboarding skills (40-59 wpm).
° Good command of English grammar (written and verbal).
° Enjoy working with people.
° Understands non-routine notes, written instructions, and general policy statements.

Duties include, but are not limited to:
Inputs data into computer system and verifies recorded information to ensure accuracy and completeness of data. Identifies and corrects errors. Updates files and records and creates backup files. Operates computers and office equipment. Assembles, batches, and distributes data. Meets required report deadlines. Performs additional functions incidental to data entry activities. Manages reporting data logs. Some involvement outside the immediate work unit. Provides front desk assistance as needed. Offers or obtains basic information or provides assistance on general matters. Understands and conveys simple messages and instructions verbally. Extracts and compiles a narrow range of data from written sources, from individuals by asking set questions, or from one or several given databases; coding based on prescribed, simple standards. Creates charts and graphics. Filing already labeled material using a straightforward alphabetical, numerical, or chronological system.

If you are interested in this position, please email a resume and cover letter to [email protected] Please, no phone calls.

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Child Advocate

POSITION OBJECTIVE: Under the direction of the Child Advocate Program Director, the Child Advocate is responsible for coordinating services and flow of information to all child victims of abuse and her/his family, providing crisis intervention and assessment, facilitating a seamless transition into long-term mental health counseling as appropriate, and acting as an advocate for the child and family both within the Children’s Advocacy Center and in the larger community on cases involving allegations of child physical and sexual abuse as well as medical neglect.

REPORTS TO: Child Advocate Program Director & Medical Trauma Program Director
POSITION TYPE: Exempt with full benefits

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's or Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in a Social Work or related field (Mental Health, Psychology, etc). 2 years or more work or volunteer experience in advocacy is preferred. Possess excellent organization and communication skills. Be able to work with other professionals and non-professionals. The ideal Candidate must be highly sensitive to the needs and welfare of children, be highly self-motivated, and be able to work independently when required. Must be available to work flexible hours to meet the needs of clients and be available for an on-call rotation. Must own your own vehicle and be willing to make visits to clients' homes as needed. Maintain a current, valid driver’s license and maintain appropriate automobile liability insurance.

Other Quality Ranking Factors:
° Excellent interpersonal skills to cooperatively, respectfully, and empathetically relate to all clients, children, community, professional multidisciplinary team members, staff, and other Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) Team members.
° Working knowledge of the child welfare system to include Florida Statutes as they relate to child abuse.
° Knowledge, training, and/or practical experience in working with pediatric health care needs and medically complex children is beneficial but not required.
° Consistently communicate and interact in a positive, professional, and courteous manner with children and adults of all ages.
° Ability to work with medical and non-medical professionals.
° Ability to research and navigate existing social service agencies as well as identify areas of need.
° Knowledge and Use of appropriate Professional Ethics and Standards.
° Excellent written and Verbal Communication skills.
° Leadership skills and interest in public speaking, educational trainings related to advocacy, and child abuse.
° Great Time Management as the environment is very fast-paced.
° Advanced computer/data entry skills.
° Experience working with at-risk families and children with significant emotional and behavioral needs and their families. 

Duties include, but are not limited to: Act as an advocate for the child/family throughout all phases of the abuse investigation, from the initial report, through prosecution and into treatment, by coordinating all services and flow of information for all child abuse victims and their families who are referred to Kids House. Prepare and educate families about the process at Kids House as well as the role of the criminal and dependency systems. Provide the child and family with crisis intervention during the initial interview and/or medical exam at Kids House, during any subsequent interviews or exams, and as needed thereafter. Assess victim and family needs for services and refer as appropriate, either within CAC or outside. Assist victim and family in determining funding availability for services to meet immediate needs and long term needs. Assist victim and family in completing and filing Victims of Crimes Compensation forms, and maintain a record of all referrals and follow up to ensure the success and/or appropriateness of these referrals. Participate in team meetings, multi-disciplinary staffings, in-service trainings, evaluation activities, and any other forum that affects the child/family. Attend specialized training provided through the center on child abuse & neglect, victim services, cultural diversity, and crisis intervention. Attend in-service training held by member agencies to be familiar with their role and procedures, i.e., CPT, SAO, and LE. Develop materials and maintain a resource directory that will assist child victims and their families. Participate in activities/events that benefit Kids House and, ultimately, the families and children we serve. Participate in speaking out to the community about the CA program, the work done, or the families we serve. Coordinate, prepare, facilitate, and manage the scheduling of various staffings with other professionals as needed. Make in-home visits as required under the direction of the Medical Program Trauma Director and/or Child Advocate Program Director.

If you are interested in this position, please email a resume and cover letter to [email protected] Please, no phone calls.

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